You’ve landed on this website because you are interested in finding out more about the phenomenon known as Earth Ascension. Throughout history, Earth Ascension has been prophesied by over thirty different cultures from around the world. Ascension has also been called the Golden Age, Heaven on Earth, the Rapture, the Great Letting Go, the Aquarian Age, the New Age, the Brahman Age, and many other terms.

Some portray Ascension as a fearful Judgement Day where the wicked shall be thrown into the pits of hell for their wicked deeds.

Let me make something very clear, Prime Creator (the being that birthed our universe, spirit, and soul; also known as God, Vishnu, Allah, the All, Source, Source Entity, and a thousand other names) never created a hell. Hell was created by humanity in an age where striking fear onto others was the primary means of controlling others.

Search your heart. Breath in deep. Hold it for three seconds. Breath out. Now ask yourself, “Is there a hell? You will feel the answer from your heart and the answer that you feel is. “No!.”

If you feel that answer is “Yes” then you are trapped in fear. We can direct you to sources of help to rid yourself of that programmed fear. For now, trust Prime Creator when I tell you that there is no hell save for the self torture you put yourself through every day by worrying about the past or worrying about the future and by judging yourself and others.

So what is Earth Ascension?

At the most simplest level, Earth Ascension is a process whereby all Earth Humans are offered the opportunity to raise their consciousness from a ‘service to self’ mentality to a ‘service to others’ mentality. We humans are given help by Prime Creator (known as Divine Dispensation) during this time to rid ourselves of fear, hate, separation, attachment to false ideas, attachment to wanting to control others, and attachment to wanting to judge others.

This sounds so simple. What’s the catch?

The catch is you  must choose to work on releasing your fear, hate and separation (this illusion that we are separate from Prime Creator, separate from each other, Earth and all her kingdoms). You have to perform the inner work needed to cleanse your addictions of judgement, hate, fear, anxiety, victim mentality (blaming others for your plight). We live on a free will planet so it is up to each and every one of us to surrender these addictions to Prime Creator and move into the expanded consciousness of love, joy, and helping Earth and our soul brother / sisters.

We have to choose from focusing on what is wrong on Earth to focusing on how to personally think, feel and live in a manner that is in harmony with others, Earth, and Prime Creator. Which path do you choose?

  1. Hate, fear and separation
  2. Love and acceptance of all without judgement and loving Unity with all and Prime Creator

If you chose Path 2 then you are ready to start your path to Ascension.

Actively using the tools offered in the web site will allow you to unchain yourself from lower mind impulses and allow your consciousness to Ascend.

To fully appreciate Earth Ascension, it is best to imagine what life on Earth will be like after Earth Ascension:

All on Earth will have a deep understanding that we are all a part of Prime Creator. We are all One. This deep understanding is called Unity Consciousness or Christ Consciousness (this is what Jesus the Christ taught).

We won’t judge or be in fear of anyone, regardless of how they look. We understand that Prime Creator has given us the freedom to “be ourselves.” On an Ascended Earth, we all express our individuality without fear of being judged because we all have Unity Consciousness.

Since we will all have Unity Consciousness, we will all be more concerned about “what is best for Mother Earth, her plants, animals and Humanity” rather than what is “best for me personally.”

There will be no suffering, no homelessness, no poverty because we will choose of our own free will to help those in need.

We will see a transformation as global applications of Earth-friendly technologies allow for clean water, food and clean shelter for all. These Earth-friendly technologies will allow Earth’s biodiversity to recover and flourish. Endangered species and endangered habitats become a relic of the past.

Quality, loving education will be freely available for all from the moment of birth and throughout our lives. A new educational system will allow the sense of wonder and innocence of pre-school children to remain intact into adulthood. This creates an explosion of creative arts and new technologies.

Sickness will disappear as we seek cures focused upon permanent healing.

All daily interactions with strangers will be filled with love, harmony and joy.

It will be – truly – Heaven on Earth.

Does this sound like an impossible ‘pie in the sky’ fantasy?

After reading this, we may be tempted into thinking, “How can 7 billion people transform suddenly into non-judging, loving people?’ The answer is they already are!

This YouTube video is a simple example of how Ascended Human Consciousness is already present on Earth.

The secret to this transformation is that what you focus upon becomes your reality. If you view all around you as loving, non-judgmental, and helpful, then you will start noticing that, in your reality, many – if not all – the people display loving, non-judgmental and helpful behaviors some or all the time. When you transform yourself, you will attract others interested in transforming themselves.  You can then help others transform.

So how long does it take for Earth Ascension?

The answer is, “As long or as short of a time that it will take to transform yourself.” How much do you desire to transform yourself into Unity Consciousness? If you have a high desire and are motivated to utilize the tips on this site, you can transform yourself in as little as two days to a few months.

Prime Creator is offering this shortened period as a Divine Dispensation to you. Before this Dispensation, Buddhist monks would meditate for decades to attain this level of Ascension. In recent times, those who followed the program known as “A Course in Miracles” could transform in as little as a year. In this NOW, Prime Creator has Decreed that those who desire Ascension to Unity Consciousness can do so in as little as 2 days. Will all be able to do this? Perhaps. You may have deep emotional injuries that must first be healed. That will cause an additional focus on healing.  How to heal is covered in the topic page, I Need Help.

Imagine this scenario: Total Planetary Ascension by the end of the Year

If you Ascend into Unity Consciousness in 2 days and then you inform 2 other people of this website and they Ascend into Unity Consciousness in 2 days and they inform 2 others and so on, 7 billion people could achieve Unity Consciousness in the following manner

Day 1: 1 person starts the 2 day program.

Day 3: 1 person Ascends to Unity Consciousness and tells 2 others.

Day 4: 2 people start the 2 day program.

Day 6: 2 people Ascend to Unity Consciousness and tell 4 others.

Day 7: 4 people start the 2 day program.

Day 9: 4 people Ascend to Unity Consciousness and tell 8 others.

With this type of progression, every 4 days, the number of people Ascending into Unity Consciousness doubles every 4 days.

When we continue this progression, by Day 30, a total of 512 people have achieved Unity Consciousness.

By Day 60, a total of 524,288 people have achieved Unity Consciousness.

By Day 90 total of nearly 537 million achieve Unity Consciousness.

By the end of Day 99, the entire human population of the planet will have achieved Unity Consciousness.

Your actions do make a difference!

Start first with the Part 1 of the 9 part series, Essential Information.